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8109 Cooper Street, Alexandria, Virginia, 22309, USA
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(703) 360-9142
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Name: Michael Frady
Address: 8109 Cooper Street,
Alexandria, VA 22309
Phone 703-360-9142
email: mfra@aol.com
Profession: Retired Government – Financial Manager
Currently work for the Washington Nationals Baseball Club

Size of Pond: 10,000 gallons.
Year entered into Judging Program: 2008, was certified in 2011. I am also a ZNA Candidate Judge.
Years in Hobby: first pond -1995, current pond was completed in 2005.
Affiliated Clubs: ZNA Potomac since 2002, also belong to Mid-Atlantic Koi Club since 2006, and Inland Koi Society since 2006.
Club Positions held: President - ZNA Potomac, and Koi Show Chair – ZNA Potomac
Related Activities: Have written articles for newsletters, Chaired Young Koi Auctions, given presentations to civic groups about Koi, and have assisted with benching and other duties at other Koi shows on the East Coast. Have judged shows across the United States.
I was the Assistant Editor for KOI USA magazine for two years and also served as the Vice Chairperson of AKCA for one year. I also served on the AKCA Board of Directors for over four years.
Accomplishments: Koi Person of the Year – ZNA Potomac 2005. I have received numerous awards for my koi to include two Grand Champions, and numerous other recognitions.