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Senior Certified & Committee Member
214 Davidson Drive, Danville, Illinois, 61832, USA
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(817) 300-7948
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Miscellaneous Information:

Size of Pond: Former, 18,500 gallons (Dallas), 10,000 (Oklahoma City), 2500 (Danville)

Year Certified as Judge: 2003

Years in Hobby: Since 1991

Affiliated Club and how many years: IKONA (Internet Koi Of North America) Koi Club, Koi Club of Middle Tennessee (2005 – 2006), Oklahoma Koi Society (1996 – 2004), Southern Arizona Koi Association (1998 – 2004) Southern Koi Association (2006 – 2007), IKONA (2006 – Present), Dallas Koi Kichi Group ( 2002 – 2005), Northern Midwest ZNA (2004 – 2005, 2007 - Present),

Positions held in clubs: President, Vice President, Show Chair, AKCA Representative

Other koi related activities : Editor of KOI USA 2006 to 2011, Written articles for multiple koi and watergardening magazines, speaker on Pond dynamics and construction, Selecting Koi and various other hobby related topics.

Accomplishments: Twice, Koi person of the year (Oklahoma Koi Society and Koi and Water Garden Club of North Texas).

Additional information
Steve has been in the koi hobby since 1992 and traveled extensively throughout the US attending koi shows and seminars throughout the 1990s. In 1999 Steve joined the AKCA judging program and was certified in 2003. Steve has also traveled internationally including multiple trips to England, Japan, Canada, and most recently to the 2011 Holland Koi Show where he was one of the judges.

Steve is a former member of the BKKS and showed koi at the 2000 BKKS National Show held in Petersboro. In 2006 Steve was asked to become Editor of KOI USA and, as a volunteer, led that magazine for over 5 years until his recent retirement in October 2011 from that position.

While judging/koi appreciation is always his primary passion, he is widely acknowledge for his expertise in koi pond design and dynamics bringing engineering and science to the forefront to maximize a "System" design. Steve is a widely sought after speaker throughout the US and Canada on a variety of subjects.

Steve and his wife, Cheryl currently reside in Danville, Illinois, USA.